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Оригинальный сообщение: Stefano Gigante ,


'''Do not attempt to connect it again until you're sure it's completely dry.'''

Water isn't damaging to electronics, electricity is, and water reroutes electricity where it's not meant to go.

Place it somewhere dry and warm, but not too warm. If you've not one of the thirsty bags sold here, use some silica bags, the ones they give you if you buy shoes or electric stuff. Lacking that, some dry rice would be also good. Less than silica, but better than nothing.

Wait a couple of days, then reevaluate the damage.

You should consider using the guides here to open up the device and clean it up, or getting a friend do the cleaning for you. Use isopropylic alchol, and dry every suspicious droplet of water or sign of water damage.

Reevaluate again. You may need a new battery and a new screen due to backlight damage, but the logic could be safe.

For now, just think at drying the device.