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iPhone 3GS displays charging symbol but isnt accepting charge


My 3GS is syncing but not charging the replacement batteries. It displays the lightening bolt but the percentage of charge decreases as you would expect when on standby. This is both with the genuine wall charger and cable, in both a wall sockets and PC's.

I have had 3 batteries now (from 2 different suppliers) which I assume arent all duff. All are the 616-0435 battery (which is compatible for all 3GS models). When installed they all showed a decent charge, but then drained and wont charge up again.

With the phone able to sync (with battery power), I have reset the phone, restored the phone, gone into DFU mode and reinstalled the firmware/software from stock and old downloads (deleted out the old and re-downloaded). I have set the phone up as a new phone and restored from back up. None have resolved the problem.

Can it be possible my dock connector flex is faulty? Or is it likely a logic board issue?

Or is there another problem?

Many Thanks in Advance.


iPhone 3GS