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I've done GPU reballing ith a hot air gun on G3 laptops.

I bought a replacement G5 as my regular G5 died from faulty ram sockets.

the new G5 had garbled graphics. slightly usable but garbled.

Yesterday I decided to  reflow it.

followed all the fregac steps as above and as I have previously done with laptops (fixed 5 in the past).

waited an hour then added thermal silverpaste.

red LED came up!!!

added more thermal paste, again 4th  red LED.

this morning I tried pmu reset and change battery and still red LED.

I took the heatsink off and the little bit of plasticy stuff that goes betweeen the heatsink and the gpu and I flipped it over.

replaced heatsink, and a touch more thermal paste and fired up the machine and it booted to GRAPHICAL PERFECTION!!!!

very stoked with the outcome.