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Оригинальный сообщение: Lowell M ,


My friend has 5th gen 30gb iPod displaying all the symptoms of a bad logic board.  ei: won't charge, turns off when hold button turned to on.

I was about to buy a broken ipod on ebay, which I thought would have a good logic board.  ...  Let me digress: Several months ago her friend had dropped the iPod and the Apple store told her it would cost her $200 for the repair but didn't tell her exactly what the problem was.

I was inspecting the logic board, you know for cracks, bad connections and the like.  There's a tiny sub-board about 1"x3/4", which appeared out of line, I mean not square with everything else.  I touched it with my plastic tool and the hard drive spun up.  I placed the iPod back in the hold position and using my plastic too and a little pressure moved the board back into position.  WAL-LA  We have Ipod.  I'm really quite tickled with myself.  Note: be careful with what appears to be a hold down bar.  I chipped it trying to releas it.  You can move the board back into position with out releasing it.