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rdburkh , "None of the iPhones on the market support 4G service, which provides faster data connections on mobile phone networks than the standard existing 3G networks. The confusion may stem from the fact that many of these users probably have the iPhone 4, which itself succeeded the third-generation iPhone 3G and 3GS. But the "4" in the name means only that it's the fourth generation of the phone itself, not the service. AT&T(T) and Verizon(V)subscribers can get only 3G data coverage, as indicated by the little "3G" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the phone." from [http://www.thestreet.com/story/11186698/1/iphone-4-owners-think-they-have-4g-wrong.html|here] and many other places. We are using buzzwords to describe a 4th generation iPhone, but it is not a 4G network. Anyhow, you are looking for a digitizer for the 4th generation iPhone. Remember that the LCD and digitizer are fused together, so if you need to replace the touch screen (digitizer, I strongly urge you to purchase the whole display assembly. You can buy individual pieces, but it is virtually impossible to remove the old ones, and most often leads to a broken LCD. They are available right here [product|IF182-003] and places [http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Digitizer-LCD-Assembly-New/dp/B004T4XEVU|like this.]Hope this helps, good luck.