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Оригинальный сообщение: dhanesh shastri ,


Hi all,

I was having the same problem from last many months.

One day I was having problem with isight connectivity so I opened up my MBP and was locating the isight cable, I cam accross the Magsafe DC-In board connector (where the magsafe L connector connects). I just thought of cleaning it and oppent the two screws of it and cleaned it with the brush.

and rearranged all the things and started the MBP and know what ?? My isight is still faulty and my Magsafe charger is connecting like charm always since last  1 month. so the Loose connector of Magsafe In board conector on the logic board may be the culprit Which in my case When I oppened it and moved it around, It unknowingly did the trick.Also from that day onwards its getting less hot.

so just check it once!!