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Problem with display backlight

I have the 1.5 Ghz.

The PowerBook fallen and now the display backlight doesn't turn on so the screen remains black, but if I connect a second monitor everything works.

I want to check if (hopefully) something was disconnected at the incident.

I need to disassemble display.

Am I forced to disassemble the logic board and all the components or I can only take away a few parts and then take away the display and operate only on it?

In your guide it seems I must disassemble the whole machine before getting to the monitor.

Many thanks!

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Hi Ferex, is your screen completely black or you can see a faint image of desktop when lightning your back panel display with a light source (over the white Apple icon). Also, are your hinges still in good condition (is the lid difficult to open/close, loose hinges, etc) ?

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Hi, the lid and the hinges are ok.

I can see the faint image, through this I could put the second monitor and configurate it in System Preferences.

There is a dent on right-top side and the little plastic support within the body to which the screw you can see here (step 7 PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.5-1.67 GHz Display Replacement) is broken.

Everything else works.

What are you thinking about??


I read this:

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" Troubleshooting

It seems it can be the display or the inverter.... the advice is to substitue the inverter, if it didn't work I go on with the display... then the logic board... at this point it's very important to me to know if there's a possibility of doing tests. Is there a way to test the inverter? Can I know what's the tension the inverter must give?

Many thanks


Since you get good video on externa monitor and can see the desktop (video still working) then the inverter cable/inverter board/backlight lamp is the culprit. Often when a portable is dropped the cables connections to main board and display must be verified, Also a drop could affect the backlight lamp due to the lamp fragility. Concerning the inverter board voltage, I don't know the exact readings but check for a reading at the backlight socket side (output). If there's voltage the board should be good. If not then buy the inverter cable and the inverter board before buying a new LCD panel. Concerning the backlight lamp I don't remember if you can check the lamp power continuity using a multimeter and checking the two contacts in the cable connector. Someone could give and answer on this ???


I contacted an Apple tech near my town. He will substitute the inverter, check the results then he will go with display. In the worst case I could spend more money than half a MacBook Pro.

I will do this: take off the display, disassemble it and check for disconnections. If everything is in place I will order an inverter from ifixit. Then, if it won't set the problem I will substitute the CCFL, not the whole display. Do you think it's a feasible plan??

I checked my tools, the only thing I miss is the spudger. Since I will start without ordering anything from iFixit, what is an alternative to the spudger?

As ever, many thanks!!


Spudger is very helpful but if you don't have one you can use a smooth guitar pick to disassemble cases and panels. You may also buy a small jeweler screwdrivers kit (max $5.00), I often use the smaller flat screwdriver to take off connectors. First lift up the PB top case to check the inverter cable connection to the main board. To check the inverter cable and the inverter board you can take off the display panel without removing the display assy from the computer. To take off the display back panel you need to to remove the two small torx screws at the display base (each side). Not easy to unscrew, I do it with a small jeweler flat screwdriver working from the display sides, Once the two screws are out then use the guitar pick to separate back cover from the display then you'll have access to the inverter board, the inverter cable, the backlight socket. From there you can remove the LCD panel. If the inverter cable is faulty then you'll have to separate the display from the computer to replace the cable.


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That's the way the guide reads and I have found its best not to try shortcuts. Almost always it leads to broken parts and higher cost. Good luck--Ralph

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The thing that frightens me is having to deal with thermal paste.... can I reapply the old paste?

Should I buy some new paste? How do I choose it?


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Here's the guide on using thermal paste and the parts required. Its really very easy. RalphHow to Apply Thermal Paste


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