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does the battery have cells?

Does the iPod touch have 4 cells in the battery. I am finidng that the power meter jumps from full to 20%. also the battery apears to not have enough amps to power the device for a period of time. any suggestions?

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A lithium polymer battery can have "Cells" but at these compact sizes they are a single cell. However battery cells vary in capacity, so counting cells is not a good unit of measurement, instead you rate batteries by milliAmp-hours. or mAh. Which is the amount of amps the battery can put out over an hour of time.

A 3rd cen iPod touch has a 750 mAh battery.

Since the iPod doesn't pull 750mA to run, it can run for several hours on said battery. The actual amount of battery life depends the following factors:

  • What app you are running, and how much CPU that app takes.
  • How much that app accesses memory or other parts of the iPod such as the accelerometer.
  • Whether or not you have Wifi or bluetooth on, and if your app is accessing those.
  • How many apps you have running that use push notifications.
  • The brightness of your screen
  • The volume of your sound
  • The age of the battery, temperature in the room, and how well the battery was taken care of.
  • And more...

As Andrew said, replacing the battery with a fresh one is the only solution to getting more battery life, if your battery is indeed dying. You won't be able to find any legitimate expanded batteries that fit inside your iPod touch, apple already crammed in the largest battery they could fit, you won't find a higher capacity battery that is physically the same size.

After that the only other option is to use battery extenders that attached to the iPod touch.

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The iPod touch uses a Lithium Polymer battery. Now, I'm not too familiar with the internal construction of Lithium Polymer batteries but I do know that the Touch's battery is rated at 3.7 V. Typically, the lowest voltage that lithium-polymer batteries are rated at is 3.7V, leading me to believe that this is in fact a single-cell battery. The battery itself is a singular sealed "packet," but there is a very (extremely) low possibility that multiple cells are enclosed in the outer package and the small PCB attached to the top edge of the battery steps the voltage down. I would say that scenario is highly unlikely. Regardless, It seems that your battery is toast. At $15, I'd say its worth it to just replace the battery to rule that element out.

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