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The Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop is designed for powerful, portable, multimedia computing. It features a 15.4” WXGA Display running Microsoft Windows XP, with 1.6GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, and 80GB Hard Drive.

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Why isn't my laptop charging?

my toshibad satellite m45 came on before but it turned off like 2 minutes after, i then plugged in the charger and the charging light didn't come on. i know its not a internal problme because i used it 2 minutes ago lol and i even took out the battery

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Have you checked to make sure that your AC adapter is working? Use a multimeter at the barrel end and see what your output is.


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Your problem is probably the jack that is soldered to the motherboard. Either the solder is cracked and loose or one of the pins that carry the current to the motherboard is broke. It can be fixed but is a hard task to do I have done this repair a few times for people. It requires a compete breakdown of the laptop to the motherboard and good soldering skills. Most computer repair shops will not do this type of repair. But first check your AC adapter to see if the problem is with it.

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