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The Canon PowerShot is a 5.0 megapixel camera with 4x opitical zoom.

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Internal damage from battery leakage


I would be very grateful for your help with a problem on the above camera.

I recently found that a battery had leaked badly inside the camera, to the point where the residue was visible around various joints on the outside of the casing.

The camera would not power on, so I have stripped it down and cleaned off as much of the powder as I safely can, given the delicate nature of some of the internal components.

Having removed the top cover, it was apparent that the underside of the ribbon connector, attached between the top cover and the main body, looked darker than it should, with possible damage to some of the insulation and a tiny hole in the centre near the multipin connector (I cannot tell if this is meant to be there).

Worse still, the ribbon connector block has detached from it's connection on the camera main body, with the ribbon still attached to the block itself.

It looks as though one end of the block may have been soldered to the corresponding ribbon connector in the main camera body, but if so this has also broken away.

Is it feasible for me to repair this component, or is it just too delicate a procedure without special equipment?

Sorry if this question is rather long, but I thought it best to provide as much detail aspossible,

Many thanks, Peter.

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Peter, you can clean all your parts in isopropyl alcohol. You can even try to remove the corrosion residue with a soft brush and a baking soda solution, after that clean all the parts with a high concentration (over 90%) isopropyl alcohol. As for the loose connectors etc, this will depend on your skill level. Most of the parts are SMD components and are surface soldered. The best way to fix those would be with a hot air station.

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Hi again,

Thanks very much oldturkey03 for your reply.

Sorry for not responding sooner, but I have been trying to assess the exact damage before asking further questions.

The ends of the detached connector block are damaged and won't hold the slider designed to grip the ribbon connector from the top cover.

Which adhesive would best reattach the connector block to the plastic ribbon cable in the camera main body and is it feasible to glue the ribbon cable from the top cover into the connector block, since the sliding retainer now cannot hold it ?

I now think the solder joint I mentioned might be mechanical, to help anchor the connector block to the ribbon cable, but I may be wrong.

I have fairly limited skills and no access to any specialised equipment, such as the hot air station, so the simpler the recommended fix, the better.

Alternatively, could I buy the whole ribbon connector in the camera main body, as this is really where the problem lies.

Once again, thanks very much for your help,



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