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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was the first Sony Ericsson smartphone to utilize the Android operating system.

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which turns off and back on itself


For a few months I had worries there for a week, the concerns are more frequent, like I'm on facebook, on the net, go to my photos and other, well sometimes it turns itself off, then back on I and all, just 2 minutes later it turns off again. by cons when it is charging, not to bug .. How to solve this problem? Thank you for your help.

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Hi tourangelle, it's a software engine problem. You have just to software update your phone.

Here, this the software that you have to use:


Before anything, your battery must be fully charged.

Install it on your PC.

Then run the program.

Choose the model.


Take out the battery, put it back, and keep the back button pressed.

Plug it to your computer (don't forget, you have to keep the back button pressed).

When the software update starts, you can release the back button.

Wait until it finish, restart your phone.

It's finish..

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why the program cannot be running in my pc....what can i do...please help me resolve the problem


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