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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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Sprint activation, need stock ROM for rooted phone.

I managed to get a HTC EVO 4G, working after its ROM was deleted. Its now running Cyanogenmod 7.2 . It was already rooted, running Supersonic EVT2-2 and HBOOT version 0.79.0000, plus some other info I can provide if needed, April 14, 2010 is the date listed. RA supersonic v. 2.3 is listed in android recovery mode, or it was rather after using ROM manager app, ClockworkMod recovery is now listed when entering recovery mode from the bootloader.

My problem is activating this phone for new service with Sprint. As far as I know, not possible running the current ROM Cyanogenmod v 7.2 ( CM 7.2).

I need to restore to the stock ROM, however finding a stock ROM for the phone, that will work with it's current setup (rooted) has not been easy.

So if anyone knows further details on this, let me know? Need a stock ROM that will work .

I have looked extensively via searching and reading on xda dev site and others, i am still not clear on a safe way to do this. Safe = a non bricking or removing or changing the current bootloader etc.

I have backed up the phone's current install.

I wish to activate it soon, since its a time sensitive issue. Once i have the correct stock ROM for my current setup (rooted) , flashing for activation and back to my current ROM is fairly easy.

I didn't want to make this question too long, listing a ton of tech. info.

Any input would be welcome of course.

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It seems after talking to some people and researching ODEX vs DEODEXED, and even some IRC channels talk I found what I need.

I found a sense based ROM that won't upset your rooting or change your HBOOT etc. located here:


I have not confirmed some of this, like if 4G is working yet, since 4G was not on during activation its not currently working, maybe thats the issue, however the point was to activate the phone which worked fine.

Of course following the normal steps when applying a new ROM applies and I plan on doing a "fresh" install of my ASOP based ROM just to ensure the backup wont apply old system service info.

Hopefully this info will help someone looking for info on new service for a rooted android based Supersonic device.

I may add some info later about 4G service if needed or if my HBOOT or other info was changed. ( its working why change HBOOT version etc ).

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Sprint 4G service works fine, just not in the neighborhood I live in. So it was never a issue on my end. Seems network upgrades for LTE will not be completed for some time approx a mile around me. Installing CM back on the phone was no issue and even thou i have not completed customizing it, working quite well. I would mark this as answered however i don't seem to be able to do that.


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You can just type in the epst #1 for profile will be missing

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Yes you can by pass the handsfree activation just use epst and profile #1 add it after reset

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