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What is the maximum cable length in order to charge a 3GS?

I charge my iPhone using a normal 1m cable, plugged into a mains-USB adaptor.

I used to have a 1m iPhone cable, plugged into a 1m USB extension, but I lost the USB extension.

I found a 5m USB extension cable on eBay and thought - "wow 6m in total, that'll be long enough for anything" but it didn't work. It said "Charging is not supported with this accessory"

I read somewhere that 5m was the maximum length for a cable in order to charge and iPhone, so I went back and bought a 3m extension cable thinking - "actually 4m in total will be quite enough" but again it didn't work. Same message: "Charging is not supported with this accessory"

By this point I was fed up and was beginning to waste money. I bit the bullet and paid a bit more for a 3m iPhone cable to just replace my 1m iPhone cable. It STILL doesn't work: "Charging is not supported with this accessory"

What am I doing wrong? I'm beginning to grow very frustrated.

If it makes a difference, my 3GS is jailbroken.

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Kenny, the only other thing I would try is to use an original cable. It is possible that it will make a difference, but most of the time this error is actually caused by the dock connector. I would clean it with some isopropyl alcohol (over 90%) and some compressed air. It is possible that pocket lint or other debris can cause this as well. Check for bend, broken pins. If none of that should resolve it, change your dock connector. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I can't explain whats wrong. Theoretical max for USB signal is about 30ft (or 9meters). But that is for signal, charging is longer, probably quite a bit. Does your 1m still work? the extension could be a signal only cable, but that sounds odd. do you have a friends iDevice to test cables on, Ive had to do that before (they usually don't mind).

Does this help?

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