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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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Please HELP! My MacBook Pro Won't Turn On!

Here's the gist guys and I really hope that you can help me. Yesterday I replaced my A1278's backlight, superdrive, microphone, and upgraded my RAM. I turned on my computer and everything was working fine so I was pretty satisfied. However, as the night progressed, my computer was getting hotter than usual, I kept encountering random restarts, a significant decrease in processing speed, and my airport card was disabled. Luckilly (or rather unluckily), I noticed that SMC fan RPM reading 0 and so I opened her up again to see that both the fan and air port card connecter were disconnected so I quickly assumed those two to be the reasoning behind all of the issues I was facing. Just to me sure I wanted to check and see if I remembered to connect all of the cables and so I began disconnecting everything from my logic board. However, I was being a little lazy as I did not dissonnect the keyboard ribbon or the backlight ribbon (seeing how it took me 20 minutes alone just to properly connect those ribbons). I was begining to get agitated and hasty while attempting to disloge the logicboard and as I did, those 2 ribbons were forcibly removed. I then put everything back in its proper place (and repeated this at least 3 times prior to writing this), verified my work with the manuals on iFixit, and to no avail my computer wouldn't boot. Here I am now asking for opinion in concerns to wheter or not it's the keyboard or my logicboard that needs to be replaced. I really appreciate the feedback that many of you provide and I just wanted to thank any of you in advance for any insight you are able to provide.

*****Some more info*****

Charger does not charge battery anymore

Battery Indicator light on left does not light up when pressed

No lights, chimes, or any indication of the device coming on

If you need anymore infor, feel free to ask!

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Well, to save you much consternation, let me post you something :) I'm sure you're probably hitting refresh on this page every 5 min. So, the good news is that there is a fix for your computer, but not if you continue to be impatient and not assiduous in attention to detail. The bad news is, you probably blew a part and now you're going to have to buy something...

Do you own a multimeter? Your life will be a little easier if you do, because you need to measure the flow of electricity... I too - quite recently - struggled with my own Macbook Pro problems and was able to fix it, but not without buying new parts. I suggest you look at my problem and see if it helps you:

Replaced Parts, Now Won't Power Up Except For Fans

I looked at the repair manual for the A1278 prior to posting this and the way the MagSafe DC-In Board and the battery connector attach to the computer, you should look to make sure you didn't bend or break a pin on either of these connectors. I don't like the fact that more and more functions have been integrated into the motherboard on this model, which means that it comes down to an all or nothing replacement of the motherboard if it isn't something very small. I hope in your case it is.

My own knowledge on computers in general is that while the operation of the keyboard is critical to being able to actually USE the computer, it is NOT at all critical for a computer to power on. Unfortunately, I don't think that even if you broke your keyboard and backlight, that wouldn't stop the green light from coming on your power adapter for example. Good luck!

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I really appreciate your answer and I know you can definately empathize with me based off of your situation prior. I actually do have a digital multimeter but the thought never crossed my mind to measure the voltace to check if power is flowing through the board. Nevertheless, I did check all of the pins of the cords and they all appeared to be in order: but then again, I'm no expert. But your insight has definately helped me realize that it probably is a logic board issue and so I'm going to have the board professionally repaired. Once again, thank's.


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Check it for fix your problem.


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