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Repair guides for the Magic Trackpad.

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Why doesn't it release the "click"?

I recently experience an odd behavior of this great item: When I click (physical, audible click, not virtual, soft-click of course :) the pad stays down, and won't come up until I lift it a bit from the desk.

I guess the switch that does the contact, resp. the spring inside it is worn out?

Can this be fixed anyhow?

Cheers! :)

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I had a similar issue, and it turned out that the rubber feet had been warped and twisted. In my case, it happened because I was lifting a Mac Pro onto my desk and accidentally put some weight on the trackpad - the lateral movement shifted the feet slightly.

The rubber nubs on the bottom of the trackpad are small plastic pieces, covered with a small rubber flange. This rubber covering is thick over the exposed part of the feet and thin and quite wide underneath.

If you can get something thin and preferably flexible under the feet, move it around to smooth out the rubber. If that doesn't help, try popping the feet out with something small but not-as-flexible, then reseating the rubber covering and the feet, making sure there are no bunches.

I used the tweezers from a swiss army knife, and they worked fine. I wouldn't recommend something metal if you can avoid it though - it may rip through the rubber.

Good luck!

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Your post solved my problem!

Thanks a lot, Cameron! ♡


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