Device will only stay on with power connected

Hi guys,

So I have 2 iPod nano's here, 1 is a 16GB and one is an 8GB. The 16GB has a trashed screen and wont hold its charge, Whereas the 8GB has a trashed screen and does hold a charge, (Screen still comes on and can just about operate it, the 16GB just has a white screen)

I have dismantled both a couple of times and was just wondering if I soldered the battery of the 8GB onto the 16GB and replaced the screen would it work? the 16GB battery looks slightly different as its older, will this make any difference as well?



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Rob Berry, the different look could be caused by different manufacturers as well as different model age. Check the physical dimension, they will have to be the same (I am certain they are) Yes, it should work, but you are still replacing a used battery. I would suggest a new battery. That way you wont have to replace it again later on. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Check the circuit board lines running from the battery for any signs of charring, it may shorted out on a lead running from the battery. As well as reseating the connection points on any other components.

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