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Dual hard drive, SDD and HDD

Is it possible to add HDD and SDD as dual hard drives in MBP?

If yes then do all the SDD's are supported with this functionality?

Do I need any extra accessory for this?

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No room, Sorry. I would stick with the hybrid HD as the solution for you. Check this out Seagate hybrid HD's

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Even Apple thinks this is a good way - Check out the new iMac Fusion drives intro'ed Tuesday. Of course they added their spin with some custom firmware.


Theres a couple of ways to do this.

First you could get a hybrid HD to replace your current HD which has a SSD acting as a common file cache.

You could take out your current optical drive and replace it with a hard drive carrier. Then take your current HD and place it in this carrier and where your HD was before place a SSD drive in its place (best config).

SSD's have a slow write speed but the read speed is very fast. Because of this many people love having the almost instant on it gives them.

But theres a cost! Currently, OS's (any) and applications are not designed to effectively manage temp files across a dual drive setup so as not to wear out the SSD. So far I've replaced eight SSD's due to the effects of write fatigue and it's happening more often.

Because of this wear issue I'm starting to think having a hybrid drive is better for now. Yes, there was some problems early on with hybrid drives (just like SSD's when they first showed up). I think those problems are resolved and they are a good bet now.


Thanks for reply.

But is there any way to do this and also to preserve my super drive?


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I believe this is what you are looking for:

Extra HDD bay for MBP

Granted, you do have to give up your super drive.

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