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Why won't the touch work?

The touch on my iPod touch 4th generation no longer works after i replaced the LCD screen.

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"no longer works" has a different meaning for different people. Give us more of a description of what is going on and what you have tried to fix it.


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The LCD connection in the back of the logic board is tedious to connect and and can come off easily when putting the logic board back into place.

Double check that it didn't disconnect. Another thing, sometimes the connection gets damaged by putting pressure on it in the wrong place. Be careful and also keep in mind the volume ribbon. It's very fragile and can tear if the logic board it's pulled more than it should.

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When I replaced the screen on my ipod touch, somehow I accdently barily ripped the ribbon cable for the digitalizer without even knowing. maybe that is what happened in this situation. :(

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