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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Antenne connector/tap & plastic?

Last evening I decided ready to install a SSD into my new Mini. Followed the directions in the guide without issue till I removed the screws from the antenna. After I gently lifted it out, I discovered the connector was hidden either by tape or plastic covering that ran along the top of what appeared to be the sata connector for the hard drive. I did not feel comfortable about trying to pry back the tape/plastic because I had no way of knowing how they might be interacting with what was beneath it.

Will we see a more detailed guide on replacing the hard drive in the 2012 Mini soon?

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I found this as well when I added my SSD today. My tape/plastic piece bent out of the way just fine, I was uber careful and held the antennae connector down while I pulled the tape up so as to not pull the connector off at an angle and damage it. WIFI and SSD work just fine still for me after reassembly.

My guesses for what it is are...

1. A piece of tape that one worker on one of the many lines put in the wrong place (maybe didn't cause a QA concern so they left it, would explain why not everyone has seen it)

2. retaining tape added during assembly diagnostics (for connectors deemed loose)

3. A tamper seal of some sort, but I would think everyone would be seeing it.

Just my thoughts, but I'm a MechE and may be over thinking it.

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