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Sensor not working after reassembly

So I tore down my 4S until the logic board. I removed the logic board as well but didn't go on until removing the screen. So after I reassembled, I noticed the sensor is not working. I have also ended up with 2 very tiny screws which I definitely forgot where they belong but when I call someone and raise it to my ear, the screen doesn't go black. What could have I done wrong? Did I forget to place something?

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There are 2 screws on the top of the board which are for grounding for the proximity sensor I would say comfortably that one of them is for that purpose.

Check the top of the logic board, there is a set of screws where one screw goes into another on the top and the lower one hold in a metal clip, that one is commonly missed.

Also by the camera assembly there is another screw that is forgotten because of the shield being able to hold all of those goodies in place it tends to get overlooked. It is underneath the shield top left corner should be 2 screw holes close together, may also be where you forgot them.

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A lot of times the aftermarket glass will let too much light into the phone and the Proximity Sensor (what turns the screen off when you hold to ear) will not function correctly. Usually nothing done wrong during install, just an issue with the glass. Sometimes this can be fixed by taking the phone back apart, and on the front of the phone where the sensor peeks through, put a small piece of electrical tape and cut one tiny hold for the light sensor. There are some videos of this on youtube that can show more detail.

I had to do one like this on an iPhone 4 just this morning because the glass was letting too much light through. Use another piece of glass if you can to lay the tape on and a razer blade to cut the tiny square hole.

Hope this helps!!

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