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My screen has gone very dark!

Hi there I did a very silly thing and am now regretting it!! I shook my laptop!! And now the screen has gone very dark!! There is someshadow of the browser which is on start up but I can't see anything!! Have I lost my screen... can this be easily fixed and is there a run through of how I can replace the screen if need be...I've seen a screen on ebay going so may put a bid on that if this one has died!!!Thanks for any help Ruth

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Thank you Lemerise I think you may have it the F2 button just adjusts the brightness it isn't that... I will attempt to bid on a new screen from ebay... Thanks again is there a run through somewhere so that I don't get this wrong!!! It's my own fault got cross with hotmail not sendiong my messages and took it out non my laptop not a bright idea literally!!!!


The F1/ F2 buttons settle the power flow that the backlight lamp will receive. Brightness = backlight lamp intensity.

Ruth, just an advice: next time shake your boy friend, your cat or your hamster but not the iBook...LOL.


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If you still see a faint image of the desktop then try the mayer suggestion. If it doesn't work then:

- the inverter cable might be disconnected from the logic board. I don't think it could be disconnected from the inverter board end cause the connector is firmly inserted in the inverter board.

- shaking the iBook broke the fragile backlight lamp in the LCD panel.

If the backlight lamp is broken you can buy a used iBook G4 LCD panel off ebay and even use a iBook G3 panel that will perfectly fit in your iBook G4

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Try pushing the F2 key several times.

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After long holiday, leaving iBook G4 at home alone, but not forgotten, screen was so dark sadness set in. Thought it had died, but I'm stubborn and have continued to search for solutions. F2 key so easy, so instant... will G4 be well from here on? Now May 2018, probably purchased circa 2002. Many thanks!

Reasoning behind this suggestion/solution if you care to share.


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maybe there is a connection gone loose (sorry if it's not english - not my main language)

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