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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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New antenna board cover/insulating plastic , connector issue?

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I'm in the process of installing a second drive with my kit.

My Mac mini seems to have a piece of plastic covering the antenna connector on the wi-fi board that isn't shown in the guide. I can see the connector if I carefully lift up on the plastic. But I'm concerned about reseating the connector later on. Any issues or pointers?

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Yes, I saw this too. I pushed aside the plastic tape and unclipped the antenna. It was a bit fiddly to put the antenna back but do-able. It was also very fiddly connecting the sata connectors but overall the trickiest bit was aligning the metal grill with the screw holes left and right. Required a bit of poking with the spudger around the edge of the grill while positioning the left and right screws.

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Thanks I was worried I had done something wrong when the antenna plate wouldn't align the left/right tabs


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