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The tablet was released in August 2011 as a budget-friendly competitor to other tablets in the market in that year.

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won't charge socket is bent

i have a vizio tablet my daughter lost original charger and was trying out several chargers and bented the charging socket....

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maria, sound like you will have to replace the charging port. It is soldered onto the logic board. This means you will have to disassembly your tablet and de-solder the old port.

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There is a company out in California that fixes charging ports for vizio tablets, you can find more information on their website http://www.vizpartsdirect.com.

The direct link for the tablet repair is http://vizpartsdirect.com/category.php?b...

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Here is a link to an eBay store. I just ordered one and will replace it myself. The old part was just glued in! So it's very easy to remove. I'll probably just glue in the new one as well since these seem to be a very weak link.

To remove the back cover, just slip in a small screwdriver and gently pry the cover from the frame. It is just a snap fit and go slowly and gently and it comes off pretty easy.

Hope this helps!


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