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Repair guides and support for wireless and wired Apple keyboards.

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Certain keys not working, possible repair?

eBay is selling Aluminum Apple Wired Keyboards at a reasonable price, and I would like to have one for my MBP. The listings describe only certain keys not working. Should I buy with the hope of being able to repair? I am very handy, and have benefit from MANY of ifixit guides.

Thank you.


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I've purchased five of these keyboards off of eBay. They listed as maybe one or two keys not working. I wanted to use them just for repairing machines and I didn't care if maybe a caps key didn't work. They all started off OK but as they warmed up more and more keys failed. All are unrepairable and were a total waste of time and money.

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WOW, thank you very much for your answer. I'll not waste my money, I'll save up and but a known working one.

Thanks again.



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