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1.4GHz (or 2.1GHz) Processor, 2GB (or 4GB) RAM, 128 GB memory, 13.4" display

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Laptop won't power on without battery

I have the Dell Adamo laptop. My Adapter broke and I fixed it and it worked for a while but then broke again. When I repaired the adapter I think I crossed the wires and when I plugged it back into the laptop I think it damaged something because now the computer will not power on. I brought a brand new adapter but it still will not power on when the battery is disconnected. If I connect the battery it boots just fine.

So in summary:

1. Power Adapter works

2. Computer powers on with battery and everything works fine. Boots into Windows etc.

3. Once battery is dead or disconnected, laptop will not power on.

4. I think something is damaged on the motherboard preventing it from charging the battery and powering the computer.

I was wondering how I can repair this on the motherboard. Everything is together so I can't just buy another board for cheap. I was hoping someone could look at the board and tell me what they think is damaged.

Here is a picture of the motherboard. The power adapter is part 932CA.



Dell Adamo Teardown

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David Smith, how about posting images of your board?


David Smith, can you use a multimeter on the charging port with the power supply plugged in? Can you measure the voltage on the computers DC jack?


I will take some pictures and upload them. I used the multimeter on the adapter and I got a reading of 14.98v and the output on the adapter shows it is suppose to put out 15v. I plugged it into the laptop and I'm not sure exactly where to check on the computer's DC jack but I got a reading of 14.98 on one of the soldering points and some lower readings on some other contacts on the board.


good to know you are getting power on some parts of the board. You sure you originally wired the connector wrong?


No, I'm not 100% sure if I did that or not. Since I last posted, I opended it up and I pushed a bit on the DC jack and I put it back together and now it is working. It won't charge the battery, but I think that is because the battery is old and may not work anymore. I'm pretty sure now the DC jack's connections need to be redone or I need a new DC jack because if I'm not careful and I bump or move the computer it will lose power.


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David Smith, this appears to be a loose solder connection on the DC jack. Try to resolder the connection or replace the DC jack. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Fixing the DC jack re-soldering the power jack on mother board and I`m afraid it wont be possible with regular soldering iron. I would suggest to take it to some hardware shop and get it fixed because a wrong attempt can may harm your laptop more.

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