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The Samsung Intensity II has a full QWERTY keyboard, messaging and e-mail tools, and search and navigation extras.

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Teardown and Troubleshooing After Getting Wet

My phone got wet. Now only the keyboard lights.. The power switch does nothing. Has anyone ever troubleshoot and fix this problem. I also need teardown instruction. Thanks.

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Walter Jackson, the very first thing to do is to clean your phone properly. Use this teardown to get to your logic board. Once done, clean each and every part with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Do not forget the connectors and all the cable ends. It is okay to submerge all the part, clean them with a soft brush. Replace your battery, do not skip this :-) Those batteries and water absolutely do not mix. Once you got that done, re-evaluate for further, if any damage. The more you try to turn it on and get it to work, the greater your risk for continued failure. Hope this helps, good luck.

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