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iPhone 4S display issue, need help diagnosing...

Have read a ton of the display Q&A's here on ifixit, yet I cannot figure which solution to use for my problem.

See video at:


Is my LCD hosed? ...or is it possible there is a cord inside that has come loose?

Any assistance/advice would be appreciated!

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Pickledilly, looking at your posted video, and since you did not mention anything about any damage, I strongly suggest a bad LCD. Use this guide to change your front display assembly. A new assembly is available right here a well as many other places. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPhone 4S Screen Изображение


iPhone 4S Screen


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Hi i say its about time for a screen replacement. From the video it appears that way. I currently work at a repair shop fixing iphones and i see that quite frequently. I would recommend either getting it done at a repair shop for about 60 to 80 bucks. If you have applecare or are still in warranty apple can replace it also.

(but i would say the lcd is bad or is slowly going)

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I just replaced a water damaged iphone 4S with a similar symptom. Initially the phone wouldn't turn on, but after cleaning everything, replacing the battery, and reassembling, the screen came up with strange blue stripes. The touch sensors still worked and I could unlock, and use with DVI out to a TV. After playing with it for a while, I noticed the screen was coming back to life. It was similar to yours after a few minutes but each time I would lock it, and reopen, the process would repeat (started out worse and "warmed up"). I disassembled, thoroughly cleaned the circuit on the ribbon, and then reassembled to find almost zero change. After replacing the screen ($99) it is now back to a fully working device.

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You can buy a new iPhone 4 screen in denmark.

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