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The S1 to SX50 series consists of ultra-zoom cameras, having longer zoom ranges and a more extensive list of features. The SX100 and later SX models are a more compact, affordable spin-off. The "SX" stands for "Super Zoom." All S and SX models feature image stabilization and varying degrees of manual control that are often superior then the average Point and Shoot camera.

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lens error restart camera canon powershot sx100 is

what happen if we plugged 5.0v charger at the place of 3.5v in canon powershot sx100 is

camera is only showing "lens error restart camera "

and getting off.And lence is remained opened.

Please help...!

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mak, it is possible that your lens is either stuck or that the power surge damaged the DC-DC board. There are 3fuses on the logic board (check image) check those for continuity first. FU601 and FU602 are UNHS206 and FU603 is a UNHS203. If those fuses are okay, check the optical flex cable for any burned or missing components. The last thing to do would be to replace the lens itself. Hope this helps, good luck.

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