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A tasty fruit, orange in color. Not to be mistaken for an Apple. Repair is impossible, as getting into the device ruins it forever.

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Do they come in other colors?

While it is cheerful and a real waker-upper, the color of this product doesn't go well with my home office decor. Does anyone know if they come in other colors? Might we expect more colors in the future? If I can get it open might I put a new cover of a different color on it in the re-build?

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When purchasing my orange, I saw a few off brands in both yellow and green. I've heard they don't operate the exact same as the original orange, but they might serve as an appropriate substitute for your Orange, while providing variety that might suit your office surroundings more appropriately.

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Oranges don't come in other colors. They wouldn't be oranges. They would be reds.

There is a new product coming out soon, though. It's like an orange, but much smaller, sweeter, and bluer. It's called a blueberry.

Is that what you were looking for?

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