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Released in February 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung that features an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor with the Adreno 200 GPU.

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Home button does not respond

After a fall in the water, the home button initially worked when he wanted. After two days it stopped working completely. I tried cleaning the contacts (with a little cotton swab with alcool) , but without success.

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Could you describe HOW you have cleaned the contact?

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With a little cotton swab and alcool.


But you have cleaned the white plastic, or you have removed the plastic from the board and you have cleaned the "GOLD" contact under the plastic?

To clean this type of contact is better use a contact cleaner and not the alcool.


I removed the white plastic and clean the contacts.

It did not work immediately, but after a few days I tried to push the button in the upper left and it worked.


If you try re-clean the contact with a contact cleaner probably it will work, in other case you have to replace the white plastic with a new one.


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