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The HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC is an entertainment based PC produced in 2007.

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My computer displays "Failed to create E:\sdv.flg error" what to do?

I tried to reboot my computer and when I used the first install disk from HP, after about 4% of it being complete a message pops up saying "Failed to create E:\sdv.flg error". I was wondering what the issue is and how to fix it. The computer is less than a year old and tech support was no help from HP. I was on hold while they tried to figure out what was happening for 45mins and came up with nothing

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It sounds like you are trying to restore the operating system from the restore cd. Is this correct?

Possible cause of failure durring the OS restore could be a scratched or dirty cd, bad RAM or bad hard drive.

Double check the CD that it is clean and has no scratches.

To test for bad RAM and hard drive I believe there is a test inside the BIOS, which you can access by pressing the proper key right after turning on the computer.

If there isn't a tool to test RAM and hard drive in the BIOS, if you have access to another computer, you can find download and burn the Ultimate Boot CD, which has a RAM (Memory) test, and hard drive test.

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