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Can I upgrade my Graphic card on a Pavilion G7?

I would like to ask if i could change my gpu with a better one by staying at the same series as my current one.

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Loukas, no you can not. The "graphics card" in your laptop is actually a chipset on your motherboard. It is an integrated part of the motherboard.

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Question then.... If the chipset starts going bad and causing the computer to crash (repeatedly in my case whenever video is played) then is there any recourse? Or am I going to just have to replace the entire laptop?


thenextten not the whole laptop, just the motherboard. Or you can see if anybody can do a reflow just as another possibility


on the intel versions of the pavilion g7 the graphics are intergrated into the cpu which is upgradable becuase it uses a (g2 pga998) socket. ive tested this my self and can confirm that the motherboard is compadable with 2nd gen i3(stock) i5 and i7 which use intel hd 3000 graphics (which are $@$*) and 3rd gen i3/i5/i7 chips which use hd 4000 graphics. the other chip you see on that motherboard is the pch chipset that is NOT a graphich chip as most people say it is it actualy controls usb ports and other non graphic related systems in the laptop. the cpu is easily removable, you just turn the screw on the socket and the cpu will be released like any other cpu would from a motherboard.

id recomend to upgrade the cpu to a i7 3720qm. it comes with hd 4000 graphics and it has 4 cores 8 threads, VS the i3 2000qm that has hd 2000 graphics.


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