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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Why home Button unresponsive after I replaced the ribbon cable?

I bought the home button ribbon cable to replace it on My itouch 4th gen. I followed the directions exactly like I was supposed to but when I turned it back on the home button sill didn't work. It clicks like it's supposed to but it is not responding. What did I do wrong?

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Maybe you've broken the ribbon cable connector, it is very VERY frail.

But before you change it, it was working sometimes or not?

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It didn't work at all. The silver button on the old ribbon cable was completely gone. It felt as if it was jammed.


Sorry but i noticed only now that you are repairing an ipod, and not an iphone.

You may have done 2 mistake.

1-You haven't fitted fine the ribbon on the steel mid plane, or you haven't placed fine the mid plant on the ipod.

2-You have broken or you have dirtied the contact.

Maybe you could also have fitted a broken parts but it is very unsual. Unmount the device, try the button with a tester and when reassembling take more attention to put the ribbon in correct position, and clean the contact between the ribbon cable and the logic board.


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