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Why can't I connect to my local network?

When I turn Wi-fi on, it scans for a network, then tries to tell me there is no nearby network, but I'm standing 10 feet from the modem and router, I did buy my iPod pre-owned though... any ideas on what's wrong? Please help, it's driving me insane!

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I have until next Sunday to return it, but that's if worse comes to worse because the nearest GameStop is 40 miles away from where I live...


What make and model router do you have? Can you connect to it using other devices (e.g. a laptop)? Can you connect the iPod to another wifi network? Do you know anyone who owns an iPod Touch or an iPhone who can test to see if they can connect to your network? Are you using encryption on your network? If so, is it WEP, WPA, or WPA2?


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just take look for wifi cable

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