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1.6 or 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB or 4 GB of SDRAM, 64 GB or 128 GB SSD

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WSOD and sometimes boots from external usb

Hi there!

I have a MBA mid 2011. Whenever I boot from internal or usb drive nothing happens except a white screen.

I've tried disconnecting the internal and booting from the external only but no luck.

Sometimes, let's 1\20 times, I am able to boot from the external only. During one of these times I reformatted the internal and restarted with the intention of doing a clean install. I got to the setup window for installing mac osx only to discover it would've taken 341 hrs to complete!!! So I restarted and am back to square one! Any info would be greatly appreciated please

thanx in advance

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Only you know how much time and money is cost effective to put into this project. Since it has booted from an external disk, sounds like there's some sort of internal disk damage (341 hrs to complete a clean install) A shade tree mchanics solution would be to get a replacement SSD from OWC and see if that solves the problem.

An alternative would be to put your orignal SSd in an external case and use a disk repair tool (e,g, TechTool Pro, DiskWarrior or the like) to try and repair the disk-FWIW not all disks can be repaired if there's something physically wrong with them.

Good luck,

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Sounds like you have a logic board problem (not a bad SSD) if neither external or internal drives won't boot consistently.

If the SSD it's self was bad then the external drive would boot consistently. As that is not the case the likely hood here is the logic board has a fault with a bad solder joint some where in the I/O logic.

There are a few things you could try to prove this, like putting your system in the refrigerator to cool it down or a heating blanket to warm it up. Forcing the metal contacts to contract or expand.

The other possibility here is did you bang or get your system wet? If you didn't I would bring your system into an Apple Store to see if it's covered under warranty.

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Thanks for the speedy reply Dan. Sorry if this sounds silly but what exactly is a heating blanket???


I have a bad knee so I have one that I use to heat the joint which is small in size so you'll need to wrap it up with something to hold the heat in if you use one. You could use a heating bed blanket (kind of large) as well.


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