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First-generation Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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It was charging too slow. Why does not it charge anymore?


I'd this 1st gen 3G IPad. It was normal until the last month. It suddenly began too slow charging - 20-30%/overnight. I have changed cable, wall adapter. They did not work. Then found this website problem might be caused dock connector or battery.

I opened the case and removed dock connector & logic board. Then I connected a controlled external power supply to batteries in order to charge them externally. I did charge them till morning. And left them for another day in order to ensure if batteries were dead. Batteries are fine. I serached and found dock connector, then replaced it. Result was same; too slow charging.

Now it does not charge anymore. I connect the cable, I see battery icon w/ red. But it does not turn into green and I get 'doesn't charge' message near the battery icon.

But if I leave unit connected to charge, a few hours later I see charge percentage has been increased 1-2%

-Do I need any calibration for battery after this dock conn. replacement?

-Do I have to re-install sw system? (Did anyone solve in that way?)

-Is the only way to replace logic board? (Did anyone solve in that way?)

Thank you in advance.



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Dear guys,

Thank you for your interest and helping me. After too much struggling, I found the solution finally. Of course not now, just a few weeks later since my question :) And once again; I have learned my lesson that 'Trust never hinders the control, control never hinders the trust!' The reason was really stupid, and thinking how I have missed out this. The problem was being caused by wall adapter. :/ The one I have tried was low power (low current) and I didn't check since I trusted in guy whom I have bought from. I have found real one with high current and problem was solved.




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Take the matter to professionals see it

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Our iPad 3G is similar in that we have to turn it off after plugging it in and wait for 10-15hrs before it is fully charged again.

Did you ever get your issue resolved?

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