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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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I have Broken connector on logicboard for speakers


I have broken the connector on my Ipad 3 logicboard for the onboard speaker plug and I am unable to find a part to replace this on the web.

Does anyone know the part number / name or where I can purchase this?

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simon, exactly how broken is it? Any chance of you posting an image on here so we can see the damage? What 3rd gen iPad is it? 4G or WiFi?


Thanks for the reply’s

The ipad 3 is the wi-fi only version where the connector for the speakers/buzzer came away from the logic board. When I tried to remove it from the attached plug so I could solder it back it broke in half and lost one of the pins so I binned it assuming I could easily buy a replacement. The Molex 78171-0004 connector looks like the broken part but it only has 4 pins whereas the part I need has six.

I wrote to a couple of companies who advertised replacing broken connectors on ipad logic boards in the Uk but they replied saying they did not have this part

The odd thing is this is the least complex part on the logic board


simon, sorry about that. I edited the answer with the right connector.


Thanks oldturkey03

I spotted the 4 pin connector before but did not find the 6 pin. The Molex 78171-5006 1.20mm Pitch Pico-EZmate looks exactly what I need so I will track down a supplier now

Thanks again for all your help


You are welcome, all the best to you.


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simon, there is no reason to replace the logic board. "The connector is a Molex 78171-5006 1.20mm Pitch Pico-EZmate™ Wire-to-Board Header, Vertical, Housing Height: 1.65mm, with side-Friction Locks, 6 Circuits, and it is readily available. Check the datasheet on here It is soldered onto the logic board. So depending on what your contacts look like, it could be a straight forward solder repair. If your solder pads or the traces are torn, it would need a far more extensive repair. For that you will have to have excellent soldering skills, and the right tools. It might help if you post an image of your damaged board/connector so that we can see what you see. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You can get the 6 pin connector from Digikey.The part number is wm5409ct-nd. the mfg number is 0781710003.

Sometimes when these connectors break off they pull up or loosen the pads. If you replace the connector and the audio is still out then the pad was severed. Testing with a meter and running jumper wires would fix that. We don't charge anything for the extra repairs if they're needed.

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My mistake. the 0781715006 is the correct number. digikey has over 7000 in stock and the price for one is .80.


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