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The HP LaserJet CM1415fnw is a multifunction color printer produced by Hewlett Packard.

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ADF Won't pick up paper

The ADF(automatic document feeder) will not pick up paper, either a single sheet or multiple sheets. HP and my extended warranty says it can't be fixed, printer is only a bit over one year old. Anyone know if a ADF unit is available?

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Maybe I will dismount the complete unit to replace this (cheap?) cable up to ADF unit. Could be the problem as my ADF does nothing than saying - no document.

Anyone having a tech repair guide for me?

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Inkjet printers are cheap enough that if they break, buy a new one and recycle the old one. Other types of printers can and should be fixed.

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It doesn't seem broken to me; more like a gear cog out of sync due to clearing paper jam. Would appreciate guidance how to realign.


The paper get crashed after that the printer stop printing as if it did not receive the order to print


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The paper get crashed and after removing the torn paper the printer stops printing, as if it did not receive the order to print

just now by fmankarious

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