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Vertical Lines on parts of display, and display shuts off at random

I checked other posts on ifixit for this, but none seem specific enough to my issue.

My parents have an iMac G5 Model A1144, last three digits of the serial number - TAQ).

It has had very little use other than browser and AOL, since new. They are getting faint vertical lines in parts of the screen (not limited to one area, but mostly in the center and seems to match the pattern of whatever is on screen, like the wallpaper). Also, the screen goes black for a few seconds, randomly, and then comes back a few seconds later. This is with no software running or with maybe the browser running as well.

They do nothing at all taxing on the machine, and their home is so clean it's like a clean room, so I would even rule out dust as a possibility; the bottom vent doesn't even have a speck on it.

Any ideas, folks? Thank you!


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Lets try a few things here.

First alter the wallpaper to some other design as well as check to see what the screen saver is (alter it as well). If you have any hot corners defined like Put Display to Sleep or Start Screen Saver lets turn them off. Also, lets dim the screen to a lower brightness (the lowest that you can still work from). See if these alters things. Are the lines in the same location? Does the display take longer or not wink out?

I do wonder if the power supply capacitors are breaking down (just effecting the CFL circuit side). This was a problem with this system as Apple and a few others got a bad run of them. Sorry to say Apple won't replace the power supply any more under warranty. Did you have it replaced before?

Are you up to fixing their system? Do you have the needed tools and ESD gear?

Review this guide Installing iMac G5 17" Power Supply. You'll likely need to get all the way down to check out the capacitors to see if they have blistered or leaked. If they have you'll need a new power supply or will need to replace the capacitors. There is a kit you can buy with the needed capacitors. But, you'll need to solder then in, are you up to that, or do you know someone with the skills to do it for you?

Don't panic yet ;-}

Hopefully it's just a settings issue.

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Thanks for all that! No worries, I'm not panicking at all. I was just curious what else I might try. The lines seem to follow what is on the screen at the time. I wondered about the caps too. Will have a look when I can get the machine to tear it down. My only issue there is that i SUCK at soldering, ugh. :-/


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