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Why is my PowerBook not starting. (you here the chime)


I have a Powerbook g4 that doesn't start.

When i start the powerbook i hear the normal apple sound but then the screen stays black.

I tried to replace the battery with a new one, nothing changed.

I replaced the PMU board, nothing happend.

I have an emergency solution: I remove the battery and charger, then I replace them, then I press the PMU reset button on the back of the powerbook, I wait for like 10 seconds and then press power.

In this way the Powerbook starts normaly, but in this case I can only use my powerbook when i'm at home.

I tried to reset the PMU, PRAM and some other trick that was mentioned on a forum CMD+option+a+v.

Is there anyone that can help me?


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Oke thank you, i will order the part on ebay.

I will tell you if it worked.


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I suspect your PRAM Battery has died. When you do get your system running do you note the dates of just created/modified files are wrong? If so that confirms your battery has died.

To replace it you need to remove the main logic board Removing PowerBook G4 Titanium Mercury Logic Board. In Step 25 image you can see it in the top right hand corner with the white printing (not marked in the guide). Here's the needed replacement G4 Titanium Mercury PRAM Battery.

As you need to pull the heat sink off in the process I would take the time of cleaning and aplly a fresh coat of thermo paste and clean the system of any dust using a soft brush and can'ed air.

Make sure to follow proper ESD practices!

Let us know how it goes.

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At first, thanks for your fast respond.

When i get the system running is says the time was set to 1 januari 1970. 1:00.

Not a message or somerhing that says that files are wrong.

Maybe this is a stupid question but when i press the reset button on the back of the powetbook, does this reset the time and date?

Is it possible to buy only the battery like a shell button battery? (Way cheaper)

Looking forward for your awnser!


No, the clock is powered by the PRAM battery as well and only via the control panel do you alter it. The Reset button does not clear the clock only the PRAM. You won't see any messages telling the date/time is wrong, only the files or the control panel clock will be wrong.


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