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Turns on & off every 8 seconds

After a full charge. I am able to use the unit. Then when finished I turn it off but it then starts to power back up with the "apple logo" and then shuts off....eight seconds later powers back up with "apple logo" and continues this process until the battery power is drained.

I have run trouble shooting programs from Apple website, but this does not correct the problem.

Apple suggested I take it to a repair shop.

Anybody have an answer to this?

Steven C.

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Thank you for your ideas.

I will relay this to my son and see if this solves his iPod problem.



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Stuck Power Switch?

I wonder if the power switch is stuck or otherwise bad and needs replacing. By this I mean the parts inside the unit, not necessarily the exterior portion of the switch. --Bob

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Hi, how did you format the title like that?


Under "Add Your Answer", click the icon which is to the left of the "B" (Bold text) icon. I like using headings to convey the gist of my reply.


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Had the same problem with my iPod Touch 8Gb 1st Gen. I tested the ON/OFF switch and found a resistance even if you did not operate the button. Hardest thing was opening the case, this took about 1 hour, the Switch took about 5mins to change. It is now working perfect. Smithtick

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You could try formatting it so it was like new, but then you'd lose all your data.

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'Same Problem...But Power Switch is OK.'

My touch 1st gen suffers from the same affliction, but the power switch is not the culprit. My touch continues the failure mode even when the back is off, ie power switch is out of the loop.

I have restored the OS to no avail, so I doubt it is a software issue.

Any ideas? -, John B.

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