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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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Why my s3 not reading the sim

hi, my s3 is not reading the sim card, the problem is on the board becoz i tested with other sim slot flexi cables, can anyone send me a pic of any sim card control chips on the board. thanx in advance

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my phone have that problem but it does not recieve and send anything its detect as no sim card


my phone have this problem this by sim card was detected but when i restarted that phone they are[Emergency Calls Only]


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Try cleaning the connections of the SIM slot with a folded piece of paper dipped in etanol or put a couple layers of sticky tape on the back of the SIM to see if slightly more pressure on the contacts will help. You may need to replace the SIM slot assembly

The SIM slot assembly is available - HERE is one example and there are listings on eBay also.

THIS VIDEO may also assist you

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i have 2 s3 boards that means 2 sim slot asemblies, i m looking for some hardware tecnition who has done the job before... me myself i m a cell phone technition plz anyone with a solid idea or solution????


The sim slot assembly I linked above is a plug in part. Are you are wanting to swap only the SIM contact from the assembly?


Thanks for this it was very helpful


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Salut eu am un samsung s3 si imi da cartela sim afara de ce eu o inpinge si ea no inpinge afara de ce ce are ea acola inautru arcsoru ala e de via nustiu de ce are

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Why my s3 didnt read the contact numbers from my sim?

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When you put the sim in the S3 you might have to sometimes import the Contacts from the Sim. Please follow the steps to import the contacts from your SIM.

Go to Apps through Home screen.

Scroll to Contacts, then tap on it.

Tap on the Contact tab.

Tap on Menu key.

On the pop up menu select Import/Export.

Tap on Import from SIM card.

Tap on Phone.

Tap on Select all.

Tap on Done button.

Finish. Now all contact on your SIM has been successfully copied to your Phone.



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