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The Nokia Lumia 710 is a Windows Phone smartphone with a 3.7" touchscreen.

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Dropped phone screen came on briefly, then stopped working...

So I dropped my Nokia Lumia 710 while it had the D3O cover, happened multiple times before, I loved the integrity of this thing, they're really bullet proof, but I guess it's number was up, is there any method of figuring out what went wrong? The phone was fine before I dropped it. Afterward it came on, I clicked the power button, saw my home screen, then after that it refused. I tried rebooting it multiple times, it charges and everything, but the screen remains unresponsive... Advice please?

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When you say that your screen remains unresponsive, what do you see, what does it do? we do not see what you see, so you are our eyes and ears...;-)


The alarm went off this morning, I slid where I usually do and it disabled the alarm, so the screen's touch interface still works, but the display does not. Even though it did momentarily after the drop, it has not turned on yet since then, after popping the battery and trying to reset it multiple times nothing comes on the display, even though the buttons on the bottom still illuminate when pressed.


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Hey I figured it out, So when I dropped it, I dislodged the screen contacts to the mother board. When I picked it up and I unlocked it and aw my home screen, it shut off instantly afterwards and wouldn't come on again because the loose contact caused a short and fried the screen, which also explains why the touch screen still worked, because the digitizer remained in tact. The LED screen went bad, I replaced it and the phone is as good as new, I paid 30 bucks for it and it was a very worth while investment. :) Hope this helps anyone with this dilemma in the future.

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