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My Air works without battery. Should I replace it?

Been to our local so-called "Apple Service" since we don't have the official Apple Store and it was quite useless, the advised not to fix it as they could not guarantee the operation.

I was about to abandon my Air because it wasn't able to charge at all (after the tea spill) but tried to boot it up without the battery. Boom, it went up! ;) Whatta? The service folks won't say if I have to replace the battery, that's why I need you. Is it battery? Will it work with new battery?


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@LikeARabbit, man, you explain it even better than it is. But in any case, thanks a bunch for the tip mailing them. That's what'll do.


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This is one of those odd occasions where it's near impossible to know without replacing the part. It DOES sound like a failed / damaged battery but again, without replacing the battery it's hard to tell if it's the battery or the battery connection on the logic board. On your end it sucks because you're out the money if it behaves the same way with a new battery, on their end they get scolded by Apple for returning a battery that didn't fix the problem. I would check with the service center and ask if they saw any evidence of the tea spill (staining, triggered liquid indicators, etc), if not then I'd mail it in to Apple. The worst that they will do is call you and say that it's liquid damage, otherwise they will fix whatever is wrong for a flat fee (if it's out of warranty) and ship it back.

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Depending on where the tea spilled you could instead have a burn't chip on the I/O board.

Are you up to opening your system up? Have the right tools and anti-static mat & strap?

If you do follow the guide in taking the system apart and remove the battery pack & I/O board and check them both out for any signs of damage or spillage.

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Thanks, Dan. Yeah, I've opened it up already, cleaned it (most of connectors and parts) with 70% isopropyl alcohol. No use. The battery gets charged with higher amperage, so this is another score into the battery faulty outcome. But then again, it's not enough to say for sure.


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