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The sedan version of the compact Toyota known as the Echo, Yaris, or Platz depending on the market. The hatchback version of the Echo/Yaris is known as the Toyota Vitz.

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if battery no longer holds a charge

can u still jumpstart it from another running vehicle?

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If you want to jump start the car it will run as long as the alternator is working well . If after you start the car and disconnect the boosting battery the car dies then the alternator is not working correctly. As for your question Yes you can but remember every time it stalls you will need to boost it again . Hope this helps

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Hi Jim,

Given the posting date of the question, I don't think that they will be still interested. As for other people reading your reply it is good advice.


Hi John I noticed the date and was flagging the spam answer at the bottom when I thought hey why not someone else may want to know


Thank you Jim, just ran into this problem.



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yeas but as soon as you remove the cables it will stall because it takes the juice from the other (good) battery

but i would get a new battery

-i have a blem in my car and i have no problems with it

- i even ran the battery for 2.5 hours with nothing but the radio on and it started no problem

by the way a blem is a new battery with no label on it

the one i have is from interstate which produces great batteries

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It will not stall "as soon as you remove the cables " since it will receive power from the alternator once the engine is running.


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