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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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Can I access encrypted drive by putting it in another enclosure?

I've got a My Book Studio LX External Hard Drive (for Mac) that makes strange noises when it powers up and won't mount. I thought I'd try taking out the drive and putting it in another enclosure to see if I can still access the data. However, I just remembered I have SmartWare security enabled. If I put it in another My Book Studio LX enclosure that has the same password, will it allow me to access the drive (assuming the drive itself is still OK)?

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Sometimes HD vendors do strange things.

All of the newer WD external drives now have hardware drive encryption so the drive it's self can't be accessed from a different enclosure. Yet, you can move the drive between systems (within the enclosure)!

So what your getting is a half baked solution for protection of your data, as only if your drive dies and you pull it out and junk it are you safe (I use a drill to deal with that risk). My old Firewire 400 drive doesn't have this but it appears the newer FireWire 800 or USB only drives do as we had someone here banging their head trying to access the drive after breaking the USB port using another case.

As far as your drive I'm not sure if it has this, and yes, you still have your backup files encrypted as well with SmartWare so you'll need the password to gain access to those files.

Hope that helps

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If you boot from that drive you may be ok if not there are many workarounds.

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