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New screwdriver required for HD replacement?

I ordered the new 15" MacBook Pro and a seperate Intel SSD (the stock BTO ones from apple are more expencive and inferior). Now I read in the teardown that Apple is using some kind of new screw. Will I need to order a special screwdriver now, so I am ready when my MBP arrives?

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I've really enjoyed my 54 piece screwdriver set from iFixit: [связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF145-022]

It has everything I've needed to work on Mac screws including the new tri-wing.

If you just need the one tri-wing driver,

Here's one on eBay for $3.95 and free shipping:


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Research + Ralph


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I'm in the same boat as you - I need to put the 8GB from my 13" into it - really dont want to have to get the tri screwdriver just to open the bottom case.

The manual says you can still remove / change the HDD and RAM, so I guess those are still phillips



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