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Top 1/3 of SyncMaster 2493HM monitor is dim

Hey Fellas,

I have a monitor where the top 1/3 of the screen is dimmer than the rest.

The kicker is, when I give the monitor a good smack or tilt it to the max, it goes back to normal.

Is this a lose cable inside? Lose CFL? or symptoms of a dying LCD panel?



Note: My monitor has symptoms similar to this individual's post LCD display is dim at top (see pic) pbg4

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mikeswims, if the screen is dimmer on one area it is caused by the CCFL not turning on.Since it gets better when you use some tactile therapy, check for loose connections from the inverter, and the CCFL connector. Check your power board for bad solder connections. Otherwise replace the CCFL.

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