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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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change out hard drive from MacBook Pro and put it in my MacBook?

unfortunately for me, im pretty sure my logic board is fried. I removed my hardrive and tested it on my other computer by plugging it in to the usb and accessing it from disc utility. (I also repaired it in disc utility just in case it needed it) and it works fine. boot from disc not possible either. The only thing I can get my macbook to do is have the mouse appear when I hold alt(option) down when starting up. Unless you boys have any other tricks of the trade? ha

Is it possible to change out the hard drive from my macbook pro and put it my macbook to see that does anything? Also is there a way to transfer the data from my old computer on/into my macbook pro using usb and disc utility?

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Yes you could swap your HD between your systems as the HD interface (SATA) is common to both, But... Your OS versions you have on these systems now may not work correctly when you switch the drives as the CPU's in the MacBook may not support what your MBP has on it.

And yes you could get a USB to SATA cable (if you don't already) to attach your drive directly onto the new Mac that you're getting and then either manually copy over your files and apps or clone them over to the new systems HD. The iFixIt kit offers the needed hardware & software for the task SATA to USB Kit

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Universal Drive Adapter


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