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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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How much does a repair cost?

For disassembly and cleaning? And for an LCD replacement if needed?

My phone is suffering water damag causing the display screen to blackout while the sound and vibration work properly. Phone contacted water yesterday and after sitting in rice for a day, it still has the same issue. I just got it last month and I'm hoping the repair wouldn't cost as much as the phone itself.

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That depends on where you a relocated as well as where you are going to take it for repair. Try one of the online service centers that offer this type of repair.


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oldturkey basically summed it up , but to give you an idea the water damage service we offer at my shop is 75 dollars, for any phone, to get it back in a working state.

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I think you should add a way to contact you in your profile. No, it is not Spam for as long as it is in your profile and not the answers ;-)


Valkyrie455 where is your shop located? And does that amount include replacement of parts such as LCD or screen?


Thanks for the info Oldturkey03, our shop's contact info is in my profile information for those interested.


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XpressFix charges 169. Will be posting video on this repair soon - it's kind of choppy right now and the last one I posted I wasn't exactly proud of (I wanted a cleaner edit but it did the job - the presentation that is). Oldturkey saw my Galaxy S3 vid, I think, and the S4 is similar but a bit more difficult. Definitely not a DYI but this is a DIY site so I'm inclined to believe that anyone who sees this vid will get some value.

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